i was gonna say we were coming back for april fools day but i forgot

oh well its april 2nd and we still arent coming back

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Anonymous sent: Where are all the boners

stuffed in turkeys

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is this blog still important to anyone can i delete it yet

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Anonymous sent: Where'd all the juicy boners go?

in cups

to drink

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daverezi is not a het ship and nobody will ever convince me otherwise
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i’m so sorry
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Have a scruffy bed head Dirk~
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5 AM huh? Time for HALF ASS OTP PORN
Also bonus: 

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Anonymous asked: Any chance for some DaveRose? (I understand it wasn’t on the shipping tag and you ship DaveJade so if you don’t want to draw it, it’s okay) If not DaveRose, Damara/Kankri? 

DaveRose has been done, so Damara/Kankri C:
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Anonymous sent: what happened to you guys did you die or something im not being mean i m just wondering and im kind of missing my boys with boners...

we are all dead. death by boners


(seriously tho i know i should be posting but im so fucking lazy. i should take on a new admin)

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